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First sketch in a new sketch book.

The below is the first sketch / doodle in a new sketch book I bought on Friday when I got the artist’s bag.  Nothing special, but it helped test the paper in the new book and gave me something to do while sitting at the Blarney (and later on at Liam’s Pint-Sized Pub).

sketch of a girl with glasses

The sketchbook is a long and thin, bound with leather and held shut with a neat little rubber-magnet flap.  Fits easily in a coat pocket (which is why I got it).  I’ll see if I can post a photo of it tomorrow.

BTW, I recommend Liam’s…it’s a itty-bitty bar about the size of a walk-in closet….they weren’t open yet, but the bartender let me sit in there anyway and sketch while I wasted time before the last show of _My Fair Lady_ at the Hippodrome.

I’d recommend the Blarney as well but it’s kinda blurry.

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