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Meeting doodles, Windup Space doodles, & Dr. Sketchy’s

Couple random doodles done during various section & unit meetings.

That one kind of reminds me of a fellow I knew back in high school and what he might look like in another decade or two. Maybe. If he’s eating right or something. I don’t know.

This lady was a sign language interpreter at a recent section meeting—it actually looks nothing like her. Three minutes into the drawing someone as tall as a tree sat in front of me. I pretty much had to make up (badly) 75% of the drawing.

One of the speakers at said section meeting. He had a Scottish accent and was a lot more lively than this serene pose indicates.

Last week while dropping off Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore flyers at the Windup Space, I decided to stick around and see the show being set up. Unfortunately, the show was 2 hours away and my phone was dead, so I ended up doodling Russell behind the bar.

The sketch is horrible, but I like the look of it—I might try it again tomorrow night while folks are drawing Paco.

Lastly, an unfinished doodle I did after the Russell doodle—it was cut off by the start of the show.

By the way, if you want to get some cheap life drawing in, and you’re around Baltimore, the next Dr. Sketchy’s is tomorrow night, at the Windup Space with Paco Fish. Doors at 6, start at 7! Whatever you got going on, this is better. Probably. I mean, if it’s your birthday and everyone’s giving you presents, fine. Otherwise, this is better.

(photo of Paco Fish courtesy of Twilight Images by Melody Smith, www.twilightimages.net)


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Dr. Sketchy’s tonight folks!

Yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t put any new stuff up yet, the last week or two has been utter hell, and has no sign of lightening up until at least Thursday.  Maybe I can do some scanning on my lunch break though, who knows….

BUT, busy-busy doesn’t mean bad . . . Dr. Sketchy’s is tonight with LiiLii Lipstick!

7:00 o’clock at Dionysus.  So if you’re looking for something to do on a dreary rainy Monday evening, and drawing the pretty LiiLii while drinking a cold beer sounds like something to do, come join us.

Check the main website for more details….

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Random doodling.

doodle with a white pencil

Some obvious anatomy problems around the waist.  My anatomy just isn’t good enough yet without a model or a muscle chart nearby.

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Marrry Christmas.

All I’ve got is a digital camera at the moment, so the focus on this isn’t too great, but here’s a goblyn Santa for your trouble.  (I did some Photoshopping burning & lightening….when I get access to a scanner, I’ll see if I can rescan this so it doesn’t look like your monitor is looking at it with its eyes crossed.)

Faerie Santa sketch.

*I’m reading _Fairies and Fairy Stories : A History_ by Diane Purkiss at the moment, mining for story ideas.

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First sketch in a new sketch book.

The below is the first sketch / doodle in a new sketch book I bought on Friday when I got the artist’s bag.  Nothing special, but it helped test the paper in the new book and gave me something to do while sitting at the Blarney (and later on at Liam’s Pint-Sized Pub).

sketch of a girl with glasses

The sketchbook is a long and thin, bound with leather and held shut with a neat little rubber-magnet flap.  Fits easily in a coat pocket (which is why I got it).  I’ll see if I can post a photo of it tomorrow.

BTW, I recommend Liam’s…it’s a itty-bitty bar about the size of a walk-in closet….they weren’t open yet, but the bartender let me sit in there anyway and sketch while I wasted time before the last show of _My Fair Lady_ at the Hippodrome.

I’d recommend the Blarney as well but it’s kinda blurry.

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Little hobo.

This one was an accident.  I was attempting to draw someone with their head tilted upward at an angle…instead I ended up with a head shape that was squashed and looked like a child’s.  So I gave up and drew a child instead, adding in lunch on a stick for when she’s done fishing, train-hopping, or whatever she’s up to.

Probably would have been a good sketch to add a fishing pond to.

little hobo in pencil with photoshop

I’m not sure, but I think I like it better pre-Photoshopped, before I blurred the shade-lines.

original little hobo sketch

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Sketch of a girl sitting on rocks.

I sketched this while sitting at Red Emma’s yesterday.  The man sitting at the table beside me was telling the guy selling coffee that you could protect yourself from spy satellites by wrapping a length of copper wire around a quartz crystal and carrying it in your pocket.

It had to be REAL copper wire though.  This was very, very important.

pencil sketch of nude girl sitting on rocks


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