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Even MORE photoshop revisiting.

After doing the previous post, I kept playing….

girl in forest


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Photoshop revisiting.

I’ve been reading some Photoshop tutorials and practicing with different brush types.  This is a pencil drawing from a few months ago (I’m not going to hunt for the blog entry, but it’s in there somewhere.)


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Sketch paintings.

Well, the studio took a little bit longer than I thought (as did today’s other responsibilities), but I did get some work done, specifically making room in the “almost-done” studio to stash the canvases that are leaning against everything in sight.

So, no work done today, but at least I’m not tripping over crap anymore.

Anyways, I did find an oil sketch that I had forgotten existed….

oil sketch of old man and rocks

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A pencil doodle of a girl in a sunhat, sitting backward in a chair.  I don’t know why, but I really like the brightness of the yellow.  For some reason I go through color phases….for years it was shades of brown, but now the “pop” of the yellow seems to catch my eye.

No, I’m not drinking absinthe.

doodle of a girl in a sunhat

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Monster crawdad!

Over the last few weeks (months?) someone has been tagging the Mt. Vernon area in Baltimore with a side view, silhouette of what looks like some sort of weird crawdad.  There’s one on the pavement in front of Red Emma’s and a second one in an alley about a block away.  I have no idea what it means, but it was the germ of the idea for the second page in the new sketchbook.  (Knowing my luck, it’s the emblem of some racist, post-apocalyptic, guerilla army determined to wipe out all falafel stands on the east coast.  (It’s probably the work of someone in a print class at MICA.))

big crawdad sketch

With a little Photoshop….

big Photoshopped crawdad sketch

If I remember, I’ll nab a photo of the tag and tack it onto this post tomorrow before it goes live.

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Google Sketchup -ing a bar.

About 8 months ago I started playing around with Google Sketchup with the intention of possibly using it as a shortcut to generate backgrounds for comics.  Apparently this is fairly common in comics right now….for example, DC spent several months building a model of Metropolis to speed up background renderings in its various Superman comics.

Leinil Yu (the artist for The New Avengers) did this model for Doctor Strange’s house which is currently being used in a variety of Marvel comics.

sanctum sanctorum

You can find more of his stuff at http://leinilyu.deviantart.com/

Anyways, I started by downloading a pre-built restraurant from Google Warehouse…….

 sketchup bar, start

Next, I started adding other models, things like cash registers and ash trays (you can see a few above).

sketchup bar, version 2 

It was way too spacious (I wanted a rowhome bar), so I deleted 80% of the model and added new walls to close in the space.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t find a proper set of bar taps, so I built my own and added those in.  The space behind the bar was bare, so I deleted that and started adding objects as well.

sketchup bar version 3

sketchup bar, version 4?

That back wall was knocked out and replaced with a closer wall with windows, which you can see in the comic below.

bar comic

At the moment, the latest iteration of the bar looks like this…

sketchup bar, latest version

It was a concept mockup to attempt and get the “look” right for a pulpish comic book.  (Half the reason I started this site was to get my figure drawing ability back up to par so I would have better figures to play with in Sketchup.) 

Yes, I know I misspelled “possessed.”

Definitely could have done without the lens flare too, in my opinion. 


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Sketching & Photoshopping trees.

Drew the below tree trunk while sitting in Red Emma’s last night (after doing some writing).  Unfortunately I got as far as the first one or two splits in the main trunk before all the tables had to be pushed back to make room for a presentation on working conditions in Nicaragua.  I figured I had been there two hours as it was, so I used it as an excuse to bolt.

tree drawing

I did the below Photoshopping when I got bored today.

Photoshopped tree

Those branches are totally Photoshopped in (at least most of them are)….definitely cheating, but I like the look of it.  With a little more tinkering they might blend in completely, but I’m not going to bother since I’m going to probably draw more branches tonight.

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