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Old Norm?

Doodled these at the Blarneystone yesterday afternoon while waiting for a bunch of drunk friends to get back from the horse races.

I’ve got a couple more days worth that I’ve let back up this week….I’ll see if I can do a monster post sometime on Monday.

Norm 20 years after Cheers ended?

I so think this one looks like Norm 20 years after Cheers ended.

pencil sketch of a ticked off girl

I probably would have gone a lot further with this one, but the aforementioned friends arrived in a flurry that could easily have been mistaken as a sudden tornado strike.  A lot of folks are probably hurting today.

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Forearms and book creases. Oh, and the Blurb book.

The first one I did last week while sitting in the Baltimore metro on my way back from getting my driver’s license renewed.  The five women sitting around me (who mostly didn’t know eachother) were busy passing around one squaling infant in an attempt to find anything at all that would hush the kid before the train showed up.

A sketch of a guy with big forearms

I made a half-hearted attempt to erase the page divide in the next two sketches, both done while sitting in the Inner Harbor.  It’s still there though, and not too hard to spot.

A sketch of a guy carrying a box

A sketch of girl in a dress sitting

The last one looks a lot better in the book for some reason.  There should have been more detail, but I got bored and wandered off looking for coffee.

The Blurb book of sketches I ordered came in, and I’m very happy with the quality.  Good paper, the binding is solid, and the images crisp.  (The software warned me a couple times (alright, an annoyingly number of times) that the images didn’t have a high enough resolution for the printing process…it would have been true if they were photos, but since they were pencil sketches, I was fairly sure everything would turn out.  It did.)

Here’s a couple photos…

blurb book cover

Blurb book inside photo

Another photo of inside Blurb book

Back cover of Blurb book

Now that I’ve tested the process, I’m going to start working on three different books.  The first is a much larger sketch compilation….a LOT of my drawings have been damaged by either black mold (Hurricane Isabel), chemical spills (linseed oil creeps everywhere), or God knows what over the years.  I went through a lot of them this weekend and a fair number probably need to be destroyed just for health reasons alone.  A lot more than that will probably self destruct on their own as well.  I figure I’ll just scan the whole mess (several hundred), save the files and print a giant book of them and just toss the whole stack before I have House’s diagnostic team digging through my closet in an attempt to figure out what happened.

The second will be a memoir book for the crowd that hangs around the Blarneystone, and the third will be a copy of the novel in a form I always pictured it.  (I want parts of the text colored differently, which I’m fairly sure, if it does get published, won’t ever happen.)

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