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I ain’t dead, no need to kick in the door.

October?  Really?  That was my last post? 

Alright, let me dig around and see what I’ve got to put up here.  Dr. Sketchy’s has been kicking my ass lately, as has travelling and working on the novel.  I’ve been doing a lot of work in Painter, specifically in order to build a website for the novel, but I think I’ll save that for a separate post and just do a generic sketch dump for now.

What do we have….[digging through folders]

Oh, I went to the life drawing session at 11 am on Saturdays at the Creative Alliance.  I was impressed . . . it was relaxed atmosphere and a good time.  I don’t know how often I’ll be able to get up that early on Saturday, but I’ll definitely do it again.

First sketch was crap . . . enough that it made me scribble some of it out . . .

Obviously not the strongest start.


I really liked that last one . . . so much so in fact, that I’m using it as the base for a painting I’m doing in Painter on the tablet, with the end goal of it being an illustration on the novel website.  I’ll show you how far I’ve gotten in that process in a later post though.

Next up, here’s a random doodle I did while some IT guys spent a DECADE installing a piece of software on my work computer that should have taken ten minutes.  I could see what they were doing wrong, but they wouldn’t pay attention to me so I was basically forced to doodle and eavesdrop on their technical chatter until I found a manual to read.

Anyway, here’s the doodle.  For the life of me I couldn’t find a normal pencil and had to use a green one.

The building in the background is sort of one of the buildings downtown that is visible from my window.

Next up, another work doodle, done several days later while waiting for a unit meeting to start.

I’ve been playing with this sketch in Painter as well.  The intention was for it to be the dwarf Donth in the novel, but in my opinion it looks more like Snarf from the Thundercats.  Painter improved that a bit, but in the end I’ll probably end up going with something else . . . over the years I’ve gotten into the bad habit of drawing dwarf noses in a certain way which, while pleasing in a comical sense, doesn’t always lend itself to more serious illustrations.

Before the Jason Webley show tonight I should have an hour or so of downtime at the bar next door, so maybe I’ll have a chance to give it another shot.

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Reflective pond doodle.

I doodled this yesterday sitting in Red Emma’s after spending several hours on some writing stuff…..I was exhausted, and I’m not happy with it, but oh well.  The water is a little bit interesting.  Later, I’ll try it again when I’m not tired and ready to leave.

reflective pond doodle

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Pen & ink tree and pond.

This was doodled in Brewer’s Art waiting for a friend to show up.  He got snarled in traffic and ended up being about an hour late…….I seriously disliked the first sketch, so decided it had nothing to lose and redrew the drawing in pen over top of it, attempting to fix the mistakes in ink.

Unfortunately, in order to meet my friend, I had to switch floors and you’re not allowed to switch your tab from one floor to the next.  So I downed my Resurrection, which is about 1789% alcohol.

Ten minutes later I was drunk.  It went away about 45 minutes later…..I don’t like the drawing, but I find it interesting.

Pen & ink tree and pond

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Samurai -> winter tree -> spring tree.

This started as a samurai….for some reason this blog gets an absurd number of hits from folks searching on the term (and Natty Bo).  So I figured, hell, why don’t I do a sketch of a samurai drinking a Natty Bo……..I got as far as the head, got bored, and decided to draw tree branches instead.

About halfway through, I remembered why folks rarely draw tree branches (versus paint them).  Unless you backlight them, you have to plan meticulously for each overlap – either that, or liberally use the eraser over and over and over again, which I was in no mood to do.

When you paint tree branches, you just paint the ones in back first, let the paint dry, the paint the next layer, let those dry, paint the next, and so on until you’re done.  Drawing them in pencil though can take forever.

So then Spring bloomed.

pencil sketch of tree in spring


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Sketching & Photoshopping trees.

Drew the below tree trunk while sitting in Red Emma’s last night (after doing some writing).  Unfortunately I got as far as the first one or two splits in the main trunk before all the tables had to be pushed back to make room for a presentation on working conditions in Nicaragua.  I figured I had been there two hours as it was, so I used it as an excuse to bolt.

tree drawing

I did the below Photoshopping when I got bored today.

Photoshopped tree

Those branches are totally Photoshopped in (at least most of them are)….definitely cheating, but I like the look of it.  With a little more tinkering they might blend in completely, but I’m not going to bother since I’m going to probably draw more branches tonight.

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