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Sketch-dump, Comic-Con, WACOM, And-don’t-be-number-11


Went to San Diego Comic-Con this past week and had a blast.  Thursday night, after a first day of pushing and shoving our way through hordes screaming Twilight fans, fat people who had doubled their size with fat backpacks adorned with sharp swords and flags designed to skewer an eye, furries (apparently Johnny Depp was sneaking around in a squirrel suit), stormtroopers, and anime kids toting cardboard signs saying “FREE HUGS!”, we checked out a session of Drink and Draw at Hennessy’s Tavern in the Gas Lamp district.

A lot of folks showed up, leading to some confusion, but it eventually worked out — ended up sitting with Lily of Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego and having a beer or two with the guy who designed Bumblebee for the Transformers movie.

Here’s the couple of sketches I did of the model inbetween beers.  I didn’t really feel like drawing (I felt more like gabbing and drinking), so they’re crap, but here they are anyway…




Checked out a drawing panel on Friday Saturday?) that had Terry Moore, Camilla D’Errico, and David Mack demonstrating their approaches to life drawing while Amanda Palmer posed for them.  We bumped into Molly Crabapple, who did some amazing drawings (maybe she’ll put them up on a blog or something at some point) . . . I only did one sketch, simply because I’d never seen anyone pose with their mouth open before.

img111This was done in the hallway beforehand while waiting in line for the panel.  (Picture a campground of people in Predator suits, people with 3 bookbags apiece, forests of poster tubes, and, well, cranky people.  When Molly tried to wave to us, some girl called her a whore and barked at her to keep moving.)


Attended Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego Saturday night, with Molly presenting and the lovely Lady Borgia posing as Scarlett O’Herring from Molly and John Leavitt’s Scarlett Takes Manhattan.

REALLY drew some crap this time.



Last day of the Con, while everyone else finished up they’re shopping, I decided, while bored, to wander past the WACOM booth, which was supposed to have a drawing on the last day for a free WACOM tablet.  Figured they might have the winner, if they had done the drawing yet, posted up on a sign or something.

No luck.  So I kept walking, but stopped when I heard my name used in conversation.

“Umm, excuse me, what did you just say?”


“Who are you looking for?”

“Aaron Bush.”

“Umm, I’m Aaron Bush.”


“No, really, I am, look at my badge.”

I won the tablet.


The odds were so astronomically high that I would walk by at the exact moment they said my name that I think I freaked them out a little bit. 🙂

Instead of going through all the trouble of mailing it later and all that, a nice fellow named Steve Smith decided to give it to me right then . . . I played with it a bit when I got back to Baltimore, then spent last night cleaning off the drawing desk so I could give it a serious go this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stuff to post in a few days.

Anyways…drew this on the plane.  It was going to be a Chinese dragon, but the pencil was so dull I gave up (I couldn’t find the sharpener for the life of me).


And last, this was doodled in a section meeting at work . . . the guy on the right was showing off safety equipment and telling us not to be the company’s 11th fatality.




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Society of Illustrators sketches.


Been doing a lot of traveling lately…one of the spots I hit for about a week was NYC.   Checked out one of the Society of Illustrators sketch sessions while I was there…it was pretty amazing.

If you’re interested, here’s a writeup the New York Times did on the place.  Honestly, I wasn’t that interested in drawing that night, but forced myself to do it anyway.  The sketch above was my warmup sketches from the minute-long poses.  I don’t like most of the sketches I did…for some reason it took me forever to produce something I was happy with (I do like the last one).  Rarely, if ever, will I scribble over a drawing in a little fit of frustration….apparently I was frustrated a good bit, since I did it more than once on these sketches.





drawing5 This is the one I liked.

Anyways, attended the NYC Dr. Sketchy’s that week as well.  Their new location at the Slipper Room almost seems designed specially for Dr. S.  I REALLY wasn’t in the mood to draw that night either though, so instead I hung in the back and got drunk with the folks helping Molly run it.  They’re having a convention in a few months for folks who run Dr. Sketchy’s, so hopefully I’ll get some drawing done then.  Maybe. 🙂

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Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore.

dr. sketchy's sketch

Real quick……..Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore is fully greenlit now…expect an update here tomorrow (probably) and the official website to be up as well (it’s already half-built).

We’ve got Molly Crabapple’s permission, a venue (a pretty damn cool one), and even the first model or two lined up.  If you want an idea of a date, think vaguely the beginning of June.

More in twenty-four hours or so…..


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Dr. Sketchy’s sketches with white pencil added.

These are the same sketches as before with white pencil added….I’m about to photoshop them in a minute, so I figured I might as well show the process.

molly crabapple sketch

molly crabapple sketch 2

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Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

Went to NYC this past weekend and stopped by the Dr. Sketchy’s session at the Black Cat in Brooklyn. The model Madame Rosebud wasn’t able to make it, so we got to draw the founder, Molly Crabapple instead.

Dr. Sketchy's photo

She’s the pretty one in the middle of the two pretty people above.

Most of the below were 1 or 2 minute poses. I think there were two 20 minutes poses, a 10, and a 5 later on.

(The above is my favorite.)

The fellow above was co-hosting…for this particular pose he had two girls drawing with magic markers on his front and back as part of a contest. I can’t find his name on their website…if someone knows it….

This one was a contest to visualize what one of their friends who was in San Francisco was up to that very moment. He was described as a carebear who always wore stripped shirts. The prize was a free shot of something red.

Free shot?

[straightens collar] I ended up showing up drunk to meet Melissa.  (Her new book, Violet By Design,  came out yesterday btw.)

Normally one shot won’t do that….but when you precede it with four or five beers, drank over the process of an hour or two….

Two or three of these I’ve started touching up with a white pencil and some Photoshop….I’ll post those up later when I get a chance.

Dr. Sketchy’s actually had a session in Baltimore at Atomic Pop a year ago…unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend since it was the same night as Citypaper’s Cosmic Cocktail Party, which by coincidence is tomorrow. There were rumors of a Baltimore Dr. Sketchy’s being started up, but so far there’s been no sign…..anybody know anything about that?

Or would anyone be interested in such? (I’ve been sending out feelers and there seem to be a fair number of folks, artists and models, interested.)


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