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Dr. Sketchy’s-Baltimore is tonight, btw.

So if you feel like doing some sketching, come down to Dionysus a little before 7:00.  (The flyer is by Matt Craft.)

I’ve got a bunch of sketches from the Charcoal Club and the Blarney thatI need to put up in here…if I get a chance, I’ll see if I can get them in here this afternoon.  If not, tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

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Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore?

Nothing official yet, but things are starting to move forward.  There might be some more official news by the end of the week.  If you’re interested, drop a comment here, and if you expressed interest in either attending, helping, or modelling before now, check your email or just drop another comment here.

Got to cross some t’s and dot some i’s, but, well, give it a couple more days. 🙂

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