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Bored sketches.

More sketches from life-drawing class.

At this point, I was bored out of my mind.  One, some kid had stolen my seat while I was playing with the snack machine, and two, the model’s next pose was basically his big ol’ butt pointed right at me.

Just really not a lot to draw there.  I suppose I could have, but I just wasn’t excited about doing a giant carefully shaded sketch of a butt.

So I doodled instead.

I stopped halfway through when the model changed poses.  Sometime this weekend I’ll probably go back and finish it and then see how it looks against a Sketchup background or something.  Maybe have the little fellow falling off a barstool.

(The sketch was pretty much doodled for that purpose…and the thought of doing a faerie-bar comic book sometime shortly.  We’ll see.)

This was the last pose…

Now I was really bored……….I think the model was napping too.  When it was time for the break we gave up and left a little early, figuring a pizza and a beer were definitely called for.

Speaking of, unless I get called into work, I’ll probably get some bar patrons sketched this weekend.

Oops, ride is here.

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MICA life-drawing class sketches

I’m going to split this up into two posts, since there’s a lot of them.  If WordPress works correctly, the second should post automatically sometime tomorrow while I’m drinking beers with sparklers in them.

There were two models present…….the long pose model was the only one who showed up first, so I drew him for a bit.   After the short pose model showed up (he got lost in the building for about ten minutes) I switched to him for the rest of the class.

The next two are the short pose model…..and yes, that’s a farmer’s tan.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that….if you’re a boy who doesn’t lay out at the pool, you pretty much end up with one by default.)

The other sketches will go up tomorrow…….

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