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Tattoo starts and dwarf’s first coat.

Alright, well, I gave the dwarf his first oil coat . . . I have to be careful to wipe away as little as possible of the pencil beneath. Basically I just paint with a lot of medium and some white, letting the pencil tint the mixture as I carefully go over the drawing.  Occasionally you’ll lose some tonal work, but it’s easily replaced on the next layer as long as you don’t lose anything too important like facial features.

Obviously I can’t scan a wet canvas, so we’re back to the fool camera.


When that coat dries, I’ll go in with black and block in the tones correctly, deepen the shadows, and sharpen up some edges.

I also carefully applied the beginnings of a tattoo to the other painting with the intention of wiping it away if it didn’t look good.  It works for me though, so I’ll leave those basic lines and build a more complicated tattoo around them.

Still haven’t decided if the Maryland flag will go on the shoulder or not.  (I took the photo at an angle to prevent the flash from bouncing off it too badly.)


The flash is still washing it out a bit though.  (It’s a lot darker than what it looks like above.)  The top band is a little too dark and will have to be lightened.


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Pre-paint sketch.

Doodled this after posting the last blog on a foot by 3 inch canvas given to me by Don from Artist & Craftsman Supply at the last Dr. Sketchy’s (or maybe the one before?  Things get blurry.)

Figure it’ll give me something else to work on inbetween coats on the other two canvases, that and some more skin and hair practice.


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Bored sketches.

More sketches from life-drawing class.

At this point, I was bored out of my mind.  One, some kid had stolen my seat while I was playing with the snack machine, and two, the model’s next pose was basically his big ol’ butt pointed right at me.

Just really not a lot to draw there.  I suppose I could have, but I just wasn’t excited about doing a giant carefully shaded sketch of a butt.

So I doodled instead.

I stopped halfway through when the model changed poses.  Sometime this weekend I’ll probably go back and finish it and then see how it looks against a Sketchup background or something.  Maybe have the little fellow falling off a barstool.

(The sketch was pretty much doodled for that purpose…and the thought of doing a faerie-bar comic book sometime shortly.  We’ll see.)

This was the last pose…

Now I was really bored……….I think the model was napping too.  When it was time for the break we gave up and left a little early, figuring a pizza and a beer were definitely called for.

Speaking of, unless I get called into work, I’ll probably get some bar patrons sketched this weekend.

Oops, ride is here.

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Marrry Christmas.

All I’ve got is a digital camera at the moment, so the focus on this isn’t too great, but here’s a goblyn Santa for your trouble.  (I did some Photoshopping burning & lightening….when I get access to a scanner, I’ll see if I can rescan this so it doesn’t look like your monitor is looking at it with its eyes crossed.)

Faerie Santa sketch.

*I’m reading _Fairies and Fairy Stories : A History_ by Diane Purkiss at the moment, mining for story ideas.

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A gate to Faerie.

This was painted when I was in college. It’s HUGE. Seven feet tall? Eight? It’s stored in my parents’ basement at the moment….I’ve spent the last couple of days dragging the things out, dusting them off, and taking pictures to preserve them before a rabid doormouse eats a hole through them or the creek at the bottom of my folks’ hill rises 120 feet during the night and washes them out the garage door.

A gate to Faerie

I don’t really I have any belief in magic, but I thought it’d be interesting to create an oil painting that, if magic DID exist, would be about as close as you could literally get to creating a cursed gate to Faerie. The paints were blessed by Wiccan witches, as were the brushes and the piece of wood. The text is various Faerie summoning spells recorded in the Vatican’s archives, and the runes have some sort of similar use as well.

Unfortunately, no interdimensional rifts ever resulted that I can remember, though I do remember the painting tending to deeply disturb anyone who was tripping. Then again, so does meatloaf.

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