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Odds & Ends

Here’s a buch of random doodles from the past couple months or so . . . this was the first of several blue pen sketches done on a notepad during some unit meeting or another.  Basically I was letting the sketch go wherever it wanted, then suddenly realized I had to stop since it was unintentionally starting to look pornographic.  Oops.

So I drew one of the presenters instead.

And some lady talking about stapler safety or something.

A meeting about lawn mower safety . . .

Next up was an itty-bitty drawing for a cocktail menu for Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, the burlesque life-drawing class that Alexis and I run.  The drawing was originally done in pencil and then was colored in Photoshop.

And here’s what the menu looked like when it was done.

I think we ended up using the menu once and then tossed it.  Ohs wells.

Speaking of Sketchy related stuff, here’s the one half drawing I did at Sketchycon up in NYC this year.  I got halfway through it and then got distracted talking to other branch heads for the rest of the session.  This happened the year before as well – since it’s the first event of Sketchycon, everyone’s so interested in doing the meet & greet that most of the folks never really end up drawing.  That, and, well, doing shots with Bill and the bartender.

Next up, a crappy doodle I did on a lunch break while thinking about ideas for a Dr. Sketchy’s flyer.

And last (at least Dr. Sketchy’s-wise) was a sketch I did of Nicolette le Faye that was put in the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Baltimore’s first ever Art show.

Plug -> If you’re in the Baltimore area and are interested in attending Dr. Sketchy’s, the next one is July 12th with Mourna Handful.

Anyways, here’s two more sketches I doodled during a section meeting…

And a team meeting . . .

…and that’s the end of all the section/unit/team/group/floor/building/block meeting doodles.  Lord.  Anyways, a blog post or two back I said I’ve been teaching myself how to oil paint with Corel Painter.

This was posted before, but it should probably go up again.

Initial sketch . . .

That doodle with the arrow on the right is a note telling me to change the nose so he doesn’t look like Snarf from the Thundercats.

Which, APPARENTLY, I ignored.  Damnit.

Tomorrow I’ll put up the first two pages of the comic book I spent all day today working on.

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Old doodles.

Did some more work on the painting this morning, adding several skin tone glazes.  I was able to add three coats before the brushwork started to rub off the paint from several days ago, forcing me to stop from now.  Hopefully two or three days the glazes will be dry enough to add more glazes on top.

I had forgotten this was why I usually worked on several paintings at once back in college.  With nothing else to do, I pulled out an old painting from several years ago, one not finished but one I had been afraid to touch over the last few years since I didn’t consider myself familiar enough with oils anymore to not mess it up.  I added a few glazes to it and blocked in a good deal of the background and then quit for the day.

Not much point to doing photos of either yet, so here’s a bunch of decade old doodles that have turned up in the process of committing all my old notes to Evernote.

The first is a dwarf head (an early version of Donth)…


The rest are old pencil sketches scribbled at Cafe Trios when I was a freshman…




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Drawing dwarves.

Been busy with lots of Dr. Sketchy’s stuff, but here are two doodles of a dwarf I did over a decade ago.  Both were done sitting at a little folding plastiwood dining room table while various other college kids sat around me rolling dice and saying things like, “Would it be possible for me to glue my +1 shaving razor to the handle of my +3 battle axe and turn into a +4?” or “So, if we’re called the Tinker Trading Co., how come we spend most of our time in elven ruins instead of, you know, selling off all these little houses I made out of sea shells?”

In any case, both of these are of my character Donth, who eventually became the basis of the novel I’ve been annoying agents with.  (I’ll sooner or later create a page on here for the query letter and the first chapter or so.)

The first sketch is a bare doodle of Donth swinging an axe while running and the second is of Donth after having been lost in some caverns for 8 months with no light to shave by.


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