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Really old doodles and some link love.

More old doodles today…some of these are really, really old, probably going back to highschool.  (ie, I don’t even remember doing them)


The next one was a Borjun’s Tavern sketch….a top down view of the bar.  (I have no idea what the little guy at the bottom is.)


A sketch that later became a painting (the painting is in a previous entry somewhere….I don’t even remember there being a preliminary sketch, but apparently there was).


Lord knows what this was….


Hopefully I’ll get some painting done tonight or tomorrow.

BTW, I saw two blog posts on Drawn and Lines and Colors that you might find interesting.

First, Lines and Colors had a post on Charley Parker’s attempts to reproduce Rembrandt’s ink sketching techniques and the modern tools he’s using.  I highly recommend you go read it.

Second, Drawn has a post up about a free website where you can make your own fonts.  (It’s called YourFonts)  The site is getting hammered by site traffic at the moment, so if I was you I’d bookmark it and check it out when their traffic isn’t so high.

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Bears and trees.

Found these two doodles while scanning all my old writing notes into Evernote.  The first is a couple random scribbles of Borjun’s Tavern (see the tab at the top) characters…the only one of note (ie, named) is the Grizzly Bear in the center.  I THINK this was done about twelve years ago, probably around my freshman year in college.


The second is a random tree and pond doodle which I’ll probably find dozens of before I’m done.  I’m assuming it’s from the same time period as the one above since it was the next page in the sketchbook.


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More old Borjun’s Tavern sketches.

Well, I’m back from San Francisco.

While shifting bookcases around yesterday (to make room for some stuff I picked up in SF), I found several more Borjun’s Tavern sketches from back in the day.  (Check the Borjun’s Tavern link at the top of the page for more sketches and an explanation of what the Tavern was.  I’ll add these photos to that collection sometime in the next couple of days.)

The first is actually okay recent, drawn on a napkin at the Blarneystone several years ago.  Basically a couple concept sketches for a monkey, a random patron, and Blitzen, a Nazi reindeer stormtrooper (not one of my characters).

Blitzen sketches

Next is a collection of Trix doodles and concept sketches…I’m guessing that this is at least 15 years old, maybe older.

trix concept sketches

Next, Cyborg and Sphere concept sketches (once again, not my character) from the same time period (at least it’s the next page in the pad)…

cyborg and sphere concept sketches

The next two are half-hearted attempts at creating a Borjun’s Tavern comic book.  Both are from 15 years ago or so as well, long before I’d even thought of using a computer for this type of thing.

I was obviously also impressed with that Sandman t-shirt of Death drinking a cup of coffee.

borjun's tavern comic

If I remember, the above cafe was modelled on Cafe Trios in Chapel Hill as well…

borjun's tavern comic with trix

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Shopping and a bird in a trenchcoat.

Went shopping today and got a new backpack….the old one has a decade of memories attached to it, but it also has a decade of holes in the bottom that tend to drop things all over the place.

So I got an official “artist’s backpack.”  I’m not sure what that means, but it has a bazillion pockets.

art backpack

That flap folds back even further….you could literally find a slot for every single art thingamajing you own….I’m going to start painting in oils again soon….I could literally store everything I use in there.  (It was only 30 bucks too.)

I’m off work today and coffee shop surfing, but here’s an old sketch.  The bird is a character from the previously mentioned Borjun’s Tavern.

bird in a trenchcoat in pencil

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Woman with a gun.

Way back in high school, probably at least 15 years ago now, a group of friends and I created a cooperative story via a BBS I ran out of my house.  Three-fourths silly and one-fourth serious (kinda like a Pratchett book), the story followed the travels of an “interdimensional tavern” that hopped from one universe to the next.  The patrons were a hodge-podge of characters from all over…..Alice in Wonderland, Oz, Star Trek, Warner Brothers cartoons, or wherever.

Each writer was allowed to write only the characters they added or the plotlines they created….for whatever reason, this gave the story legs (versus those stories you would write in English class where each student would add one sentence).    Off and on, the story continued for over a decade.

The sketch below, done halfway through college, is of one of the characters I created, Trix, a punk girl who ended up becoming a substitute bartender for several years after the bar’s owner, Borjun, was eaten by a grizzly bear.

If I remember correctly, this sketch was supposedly set during the Tavern’s Valentine’s Formal, which unsurprisingly turned into a large gun battle about halfway through.  (I’ve obviously touched it up with Photoshop.)

There are pads and pads of these sketches, so this probably won’t be the last one to go up.  (I’ll probably add a tab at the top of the page and collect all the Tavern related art together when it starts to pile up.  Hell, I have the majority of Tavern story sitting around somewhere–maybe it’ll grow into a Tavern web page.)

Trix shooting at Elroy6666

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