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Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

Went to NYC this past weekend and stopped by the Dr. Sketchy’s session at the Black Cat in Brooklyn. The model Madame Rosebud wasn’t able to make it, so we got to draw the founder, Molly Crabapple instead.

Dr. Sketchy's photo

She’s the pretty one in the middle of the two pretty people above.

Most of the below were 1 or 2 minute poses. I think there were two 20 minutes poses, a 10, and a 5 later on.

(The above is my favorite.)

The fellow above was co-hosting…for this particular pose he had two girls drawing with magic markers on his front and back as part of a contest. I can’t find his name on their website…if someone knows it….

This one was a contest to visualize what one of their friends who was in San Francisco was up to that very moment. He was described as a carebear who always wore stripped shirts. The prize was a free shot of something red.

Free shot?

[straightens collar] I ended up showing up drunk to meet Melissa.  (Her new book, Violet By Design,  came out yesterday btw.)

Normally one shot won’t do that….but when you precede it with four or five beers, drank over the process of an hour or two….

Two or three of these I’ve started touching up with a white pencil and some Photoshop….I’ll post those up later when I get a chance.

Dr. Sketchy’s actually had a session in Baltimore at Atomic Pop a year ago…unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend since it was the same night as Citypaper’s Cosmic Cocktail Party, which by coincidence is tomorrow. There were rumors of a Baltimore Dr. Sketchy’s being started up, but so far there’s been no sign…..anybody know anything about that?

Or would anyone be interested in such? (I’ve been sending out feelers and there seem to be a fair number of folks, artists and models, interested.)


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