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BTW, Dr. Sketchy’s is Monday folks, and Charcoal Club tonight!

Baltimore’s Charcoal Club life-drawing session is tonight at Meadow Mill, at 7 o’clock.  It’s the sustained pose session, so one long pose for the entire 3 hours….good stuff.  If you scroll down two posts, you can see the drawings I did at it last week.  It’s 10 bucks to draw and definitely, definitely worth it.  Check it out.   (The light rail drops you at the front door btw, if you’re carless, which I am.)

Also, Dr. Sketchy’s is this Monday, March 9th, at Dionysus at 7 o’clock.  If you don’t know what it is (it’s drawing pretty folks in burlesque while drinking), check out the website.  If you live somewhere else on the planet (ie, not Baltimore), there might be one near you, and IT COULD BE MONDAY TOO*, so check the mothership website to find one nearby.

*It probably isn’t, but you never know.


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