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Dr. Sketchy’s tonight folks!

Yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t put any new stuff up yet, the last week or two has been utter hell, and has no sign of lightening up until at least Thursday.  Maybe I can do some scanning on my lunch break though, who knows….

BUT, busy-busy doesn’t mean bad . . . Dr. Sketchy’s is tonight with LiiLii Lipstick!

7:00 o’clock at Dionysus.  So if you’re looking for something to do on a dreary rainy Monday evening, and drawing the pretty LiiLii while drinking a cold beer sounds like something to do, come join us.

Check the main website for more details….

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Faerie blowing bubbles.

Pulling an old drawing from a college journal today.  I did absolutely nothing over the weekend, unless you want to count playing video games .  (I was helping someone house-sit this weekend and had access to a gigantic television and a 360.)

Anyways, this is a watercolor detail from the same journal that had the hot-air baloon faerie in it.  (I think I drew it sitting in Cafe Trios in Chapel Hill.)

faerie blowing bubbles

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A journal entry from a decade ago.

There’s a possibility I won’t have access to a scanner within the next 24 hours, so just in case I can’t get a new drawing up, here’s an old journal entry from over a decade ago when I was 19 and attending UNC.

journal drawing susannah

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Hot air.

hot air

This is a doodle from the margins of one of my old journals (1996?) . Brian Froud was a pretty big influence at the time. It’s pencil, ink, and watercolor, with the contrast bumped up with Photoshop.

I’m PRETTY sure it ended up being a thumbnail for a giant “gate into faerie” oil panting I did around that time.

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