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Ain’t dead, and a blog you should check out.

I’m not dead (or if I am, no one has informed me that I am)……I’m having scanner issues, but I’ll be getting one for Christmas probably, so that should be resolved soon.

Until then, check out this blog Urban Sketchers, which is a blog of various folks sketches done in urban environments.  Some really amazing stuff.  (I found it through LinesandColors, which as always, is an amazing site in of itself.)


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Postcards from Orion-18.

I’ve been fooling around with Photoshop some more, getting more and more comfortable with it.  This one took three days (several hours each day)….I basically took about eight different photographs and combined them….one was a photo of a bridge in Florence, one was of a lake, and four or five were various photos of stone castles and rocky mountainsides.  The last was from the FXFILMS Website who just happened to have a photo a model starship that is apparently 18ft long (it’s called the Rodger Young and looks amazing).

Photoshopped alien landscape

In any case, this was my first attempt, but I learned a lot of things the hard way which will hopefully help on the next piece I import into Photoshop.

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Reflective pond doodle.

I doodled this yesterday sitting in Red Emma’s after spending several hours on some writing stuff…..I was exhausted, and I’m not happy with it, but oh well.  The water is a little bit interesting.  Later, I’ll try it again when I’m not tired and ready to leave.

reflective pond doodle

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Pen & ink tree and pond.

This was doodled in Brewer’s Art waiting for a friend to show up.  He got snarled in traffic and ended up being about an hour late…….I seriously disliked the first sketch, so decided it had nothing to lose and redrew the drawing in pen over top of it, attempting to fix the mistakes in ink.

Unfortunately, in order to meet my friend, I had to switch floors and you’re not allowed to switch your tab from one floor to the next.  So I downed my Resurrection, which is about 1789% alcohol.

Ten minutes later I was drunk.  It went away about 45 minutes later…..I don’t like the drawing, but I find it interesting.

Pen & ink tree and pond

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Samurai -> winter tree -> spring tree.

This started as a samurai….for some reason this blog gets an absurd number of hits from folks searching on the term (and Natty Bo).  So I figured, hell, why don’t I do a sketch of a samurai drinking a Natty Bo……..I got as far as the head, got bored, and decided to draw tree branches instead.

About halfway through, I remembered why folks rarely draw tree branches (versus paint them).  Unless you backlight them, you have to plan meticulously for each overlap – either that, or liberally use the eraser over and over and over again, which I was in no mood to do.

When you paint tree branches, you just paint the ones in back first, let the paint dry, the paint the next layer, let those dry, paint the next, and so on until you’re done.  Drawing them in pencil though can take forever.

So then Spring bloomed.

pencil sketch of tree in spring


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