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Yep, I’m still kicking.  Scanner problems continue, hopefully that will resolve soon.

Anyways, these are from a Charcoal Club session a few weeks ago….I’m on a new sketch book, which means, at least for the next 20 sketches or so, I don’t have colored paper anymore.  I’ve gotten absolutely addicted to using colored paper so I can then add highlights in with a white pencil.  Going back to plain white paper has obviously thrown me a little off…….basically, my “hand” is now conditioned to draw and shade with the expectation of adding in the highlights last……..but if you do that with white paper, without any planning (since basically all you’re doing is leaving negative space), it doesn’t work out too well.

I pretty much hate the one above…but this isn’t a gallery, I try to put up the good and the bad, so there it is.

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Sketches from the Charcoal Club

Did these last week at Baltimore’s Charcoal Club.  There were two models, one a model I’ve seen before, and the second was new (my impression was he was her boyfriend).

Walked in a little late, grabbed the first chair right as the models went to a new pose…..which was the girl with her back to me, bent forward, with the boy standing in front of her looking at the ceiling.

Little jarring for the first drawing of the night and your warm up, so I did sketches of the fellow’s head instead.

The next was only half finished…

The next two came out alright….

I was bored by the last pose, and obviously didn’t try too hard.  (The woman was posing by herself.)

All of the poses were incredibly creative, unfortunately for most of them (because of my own fault), I was in a pretty bad position to do something interesting with them.  Luckily I moved by the second to last, unfortunately it was only a 20 minute pose and I wasn’t able to render both the figures fully the way I wished.  Still, it works I suppose.

Tomorrow I’ll throw up some old man heads I’ve been doodling in meetings and bars.

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