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Some more old stuff.

Various things I’ve come across in the last week will scanning old novel notes into Evernote…

First, an ink doodle done in some bar a decade ago or so…I think it was used as the basis for a party flyer at some later point.


Next is a decade old “lumberjack Donth” that I have no recollection of drawing.


..and last, a sketchbook page that contained a few stray novel notes and a “idea sketch” for a painting that was never quite finished.  I ended up going a different direction with the painting….the sketch looks like it would have been a better route.


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Drawing dwarves.

Been busy with lots of Dr. Sketchy’s stuff, but here are two doodles of a dwarf I did over a decade ago.  Both were done sitting at a little folding plastiwood dining room table while various other college kids sat around me rolling dice and saying things like, “Would it be possible for me to glue my +1 shaving razor to the handle of my +3 battle axe and turn into a +4?” or “So, if we’re called the Tinker Trading Co., how come we spend most of our time in elven ruins instead of, you know, selling off all these little houses I made out of sea shells?”

In any case, both of these are of my character Donth, who eventually became the basis of the novel I’ve been annoying agents with.  (I’ll sooner or later create a page on here for the query letter and the first chapter or so.)

The first sketch is a bare doodle of Donth swinging an axe while running and the second is of Donth after having been lost in some caverns for 8 months with no light to shave by.


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More old Borjun’s Tavern sketches.

Well, I’m back from San Francisco.

While shifting bookcases around yesterday (to make room for some stuff I picked up in SF), I found several more Borjun’s Tavern sketches from back in the day.  (Check the Borjun’s Tavern link at the top of the page for more sketches and an explanation of what the Tavern was.  I’ll add these photos to that collection sometime in the next couple of days.)

The first is actually okay recent, drawn on a napkin at the Blarneystone several years ago.  Basically a couple concept sketches for a monkey, a random patron, and Blitzen, a Nazi reindeer stormtrooper (not one of my characters).

Blitzen sketches

Next is a collection of Trix doodles and concept sketches…I’m guessing that this is at least 15 years old, maybe older.

trix concept sketches

Next, Cyborg and Sphere concept sketches (once again, not my character) from the same time period (at least it’s the next page in the pad)…

cyborg and sphere concept sketches

The next two are half-hearted attempts at creating a Borjun’s Tavern comic book.  Both are from 15 years ago or so as well, long before I’d even thought of using a computer for this type of thing.

I was obviously also impressed with that Sandman t-shirt of Death drinking a cup of coffee.

borjun's tavern comic

If I remember, the above cafe was modelled on Cafe Trios in Chapel Hill as well…

borjun's tavern comic with trix

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Sketch paintings.

Well, the studio took a little bit longer than I thought (as did today’s other responsibilities), but I did get some work done, specifically making room in the “almost-done” studio to stash the canvases that are leaning against everything in sight.

So, no work done today, but at least I’m not tripping over crap anymore.

Anyways, I did find an oil sketch that I had forgotten existed….

oil sketch of old man and rocks

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…and we’re on. A post about movie theaters, books, and studios.

Well, my plan for lining up a bunch of posts to “auto-post” while I was busy doing holiday things didn’t work out. Basically, Christmas, a two day birthday party, a trip to DC, and a trip to Asheville pretty much threw a monkey wrench into my one a day schedule.

Well, the last gifts have been given, the tabs paid, and the trains deboarded, so it’s back to work. I haven’t been completely nonproductive though….there’s a couple new sketches, a couple new unearthed sketches, and the studio has about one hour of “set-up” left to go before I can start oil painting in it.

Anyway, that’s what I’m going to go do now since it’s only 3:30 in the afternoon and it’s a beautiful day to prop open the windows and paint.

Here’s a sketch to start off with though…’s a caricature of an employee I used to know at Plaza Theaters, which is by the way the theater that inspired some of the scenes in Melissa Walker’s Violet on the Runway. I’ll put up more sketches of theater employees as I find them (sadly, I’m pretty sure there were none of Melissa).

There’s a screenplay involving the same theater out there somewhere as well…if I can find some links involving it, I’ll throw some in later.

caraciture of a Plaza employee

Oh, and the mayonnaise is an old theater joke, one I should remove, but what the hell. *I’m* not the one that kept a drawer in the box filled with mayonnaise soiled napkins and 40 half used mayonnaise packets.

That said, wherever she is, I hope she’s doing well.

Last, over the next 48 hours I intend to add a “random thoughts” blog as well to this site, which will include random links to things I find interesting, or, well, posts on things that really don’t belong here. (Including two promo pages, one for the book I’m trying to sell and one for the second one I started working on last month.)

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