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Comics, meeting doodles, & Creative Alliance sketches

First up, here’s the new versions of the first four pages of the comic. Lot of stuff got changed—couple more edits in the text as well.

Page 4 is obviously in progress. Page 3 needs a tie-piece added to the last panel and some wordage to the wine bottle in the first panel.

Next up, some sketches from a Creative Alliance life drawing session. They’re every Saturday at 10, $10 if you’re not a member, $3 if you are.

As usual, the first drawing or two sucked. (Got there at the start of the ten minute poses, 5 minutes into the first pose—it ended before I got too far along.)

Next couple were a little better.

And after that, I was tired/bored, so the last one was crap.

Here’s a tipsy sketch done of a friend while leisurely having a couple beers at the Blarneystone.

BTW, he doesn’t look this rough in real life—I purposefully went that direction since I knew a more nuanced sketch rarely works well in a distracting environment. Oh, and the “light” spots are due to the scanner.

Last up, two doodles from a meeting at work. The first was the usual random junk that gets scribbled during these affairs; the second is an altogether matter. It started as a simple off-hand sketch of a comic-stylized side-view of an eye – and then suddenly the meeting just went on FOREVER. As the meeting dragged on, I absent-mindedly added a detail here, a detail there, and it eventually grew to the point where I ran out of page. I’ll probably put it in Painter sometime this week and see if I can add the bits I wanted to add but couldn’t, since, well, you know, the paper ran out.

By the way, the next Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Baltimore life-drawing session is next Monday, September 27, 2010 at the Windup Space.

Best damn life-drawing you’ll find in town. If I wasn’t helping run it, I’d be there drawing. BTW, check out this LAZERBITCH video if you want a feel for what they’re like. (The Windup Space is in there at the end too.)


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Bar taps, painting ideas, and a big-boned kid.

Goodness gracious, finally a sketch actually done while sitting in a bar. 🙂  This was done Thursday night at the Blarneystone while waiting for a few friends to show up. 


Next is a pencil doodle done while sitting through a section meeting…


Last, but not least, well, maybe least, is a couple of visual notes I jotted down during a unit meeting for one of the oil paintings I’m working on.  (A few blog posts before this, you’ll see a photolog of what the painting looked like in the first few stages…..these doodles are vague ideas on what to do with the rest of the space.)


I’ll see if I can take some more pictures this weekend to show where the painting is at now (plus, some photos of the old Alexis and Kiely painting that I’ve started working on again).

BTW, if you’re looking for life-drawing classes in the Baltimore area besides Dr. Sketchy’s (link at the right), you might want to check out the classes hosted by John Brewer for The Charcoal Club.  The Charcoal Club has been around for about 130 years now and is a Baltimore institution….it’s ten bucks for 3 hours.  The have two sessions a week, Mondays and Wednesdays…one day is one long pose, the other day is a lot of short poses.  Sometimes they even have multiple models, which if you’ve done any of these things before, is a blessing and doubles the chances of you finding an angle you like.

Sometime in the next week I’ll make a link button for their page and put it in the right column.


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New scanner and a quick sketch.

Well, got the new scanner working and set up (thanks to my Father)….I don’t have time at the moment to start sketching the backlog of drawings I’ve got built up, but I got time for a quick one (with maybe more later on tonight).

This was a doodle started a few days a go while having a beer at the Blarney with Bill, who kept getting called away to work or something, I dunno.  In any case, it started as a doodle to pass the time and quickly turned into a pen and ink experiment playing with line-thickness.  It’s only half done, and very well may end up being a Dr. Sketchy’s flyer when everything is said and done.


I did a little more work on it the next night (which got interrupted by a bar fight) and then some more last night during the model breaks at the Charcoal Club.  It’s pretty much turning into my “something to do when bored and waiting on other people” drawing.

I’ll post another scan when it progresses some more, along with a second flyer idea I’ve been playing with in Photoshop.  The Charcoal Club sketches will hopefully go up later tonight, depending on how late the art show opening we’re dropping by lasts.

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Two old man head doodles.

Just some doodles today.  The first was done sitting at the corner of the bar at the Blarney while listening to a girl and her boyfriend discuss where she was going to find a job, since her interview at a local tattoo parlor the day before hadn’t gone well. 

The second was done at a department meeting…the meeting, which at first looked like it was going to be a lot of bureaucratic red-tape, instead turned into a very emotional discussion of how an employee got killed in a pretty horrific accident.  Three minutes in I shut the pad, no longer in the mood to doodle and figuring it was disrespectful to the poor guy’s memory.


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Wind blowing through hair and another sketch of Old Joe.

It’s been a long weekend.  These were supposed to go up on Monday but God got drunk and tried to take a swing at Maryland.  I ended up getting called into storm at 1:45 in the morning and didn’t get out until late afternoon.

If you’re curious what a storm center looks like during a storm, it’s basically exactly what Hollywood makes it look like.  Picture the bridge of the aircraft carrier in _Hunt for Red October_ when the incoming F-16 is about to crash, or the control room of the damage response folks in _Volcano_ or just about any disaster movie.  Lots of folks running back and forth, people screaming into telephones, “We need a truck over there now!  I mean NOW!!” or “We’ve a fire and arcs reported at 32 Pine La and crews in route.  Fire department is paralyzed till someone gives the all clear.  What’s truck #3’s eta?”

Pretty dramatic…the only difference is food.  You trap 50 to 100 people in one room for 16 hours with no notice and you have to feed them….and if you want them to stay on their toes, there needs to be lots of protein, sugar, and liquids.  Every desk is loaded down with two to three plates of half-eaten breakfasts, pizzas, pulled-pork sandwiches….often stacked up because everything’s too hectic to ever finish a meal, much less throw away the plate it was on.

Just for the record, I’ve rarely been as amazed as I was yesterday by the collective determination of a group of people to get something fixed, regardless of how many holes just got punched in the dike by something cranky.

In any case, I did these two on Friday afternoon while drinking coffee at the Blarney, about 48 hours before I understood the grim humor inherant in the phrase “an unscheduled ignition event.”

wind blowing through a girl's hair

I have some issues with the arch of the back, but most of the point was hair so I decided not to fuss with it too long.

The next is a second sketch of Old Joe.  I did one a few months back….since he seems to be around Fells a lot, I suspect that, give it 6 months, I’ll probably have a couple dozen of these.  If that happens, I’ll put them all together into one post on a slow day.

Old Joe leaning on the bar

For the record, everything is full steam ahead for Dr. Sketchy’s – Baltimore.  The first session will be June 8th, from 1 pm to 4 pm at Dionysus.  We have a model and a backup model lined up, and a whole whopping stack of folks interested in modelling in the future.  We’ll probably go twice a month pretty damn fast.

IF you haven’t already, and you’re hankering to get your draw on, check out the website (there’s a myspace page as well) linked to the right. 

One last note, apparently there’s a bar, the Laughing Pint, in Highland town that hosts a weekly drink and draw session on Saturday nights.  Something else to check out.

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Old Norm?

Doodled these at the Blarneystone yesterday afternoon while waiting for a bunch of drunk friends to get back from the horse races.

I’ve got a couple more days worth that I’ve let back up this week….I’ll see if I can do a monster post sometime on Monday.

Norm 20 years after Cheers ended?

I so think this one looks like Norm 20 years after Cheers ended.

pencil sketch of a ticked off girl

I probably would have gone a lot further with this one, but the aforementioned friends arrived in a flurry that could easily have been mistaken as a sudden tornado strike.  A lot of folks are probably hurting today.

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More old Borjun’s Tavern sketches.

Well, I’m back from San Francisco.

While shifting bookcases around yesterday (to make room for some stuff I picked up in SF), I found several more Borjun’s Tavern sketches from back in the day.  (Check the Borjun’s Tavern link at the top of the page for more sketches and an explanation of what the Tavern was.  I’ll add these photos to that collection sometime in the next couple of days.)

The first is actually okay recent, drawn on a napkin at the Blarneystone several years ago.  Basically a couple concept sketches for a monkey, a random patron, and Blitzen, a Nazi reindeer stormtrooper (not one of my characters).

Blitzen sketches

Next is a collection of Trix doodles and concept sketches…I’m guessing that this is at least 15 years old, maybe older.

trix concept sketches

Next, Cyborg and Sphere concept sketches (once again, not my character) from the same time period (at least it’s the next page in the pad)…

cyborg and sphere concept sketches

The next two are half-hearted attempts at creating a Borjun’s Tavern comic book.  Both are from 15 years ago or so as well, long before I’d even thought of using a computer for this type of thing.

I was obviously also impressed with that Sandman t-shirt of Death drinking a cup of coffee.

borjun's tavern comic

If I remember, the above cafe was modelled on Cafe Trios in Chapel Hill as well…

borjun's tavern comic with trix

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