Borjun’s Tavern Sketches

Borjun’s Tavern was a cooperative continuing story written over a decade ago with several friends.  Over the years, a lot of sketches of various characters involved accumulated…as I stumble across them (and use them in daily posts), I’ll also toss them here.   Eventually this will involve into it’s own website with the actual Tavern files included as well.


Trix firing a gun.

trix doodles

trix comic panel

Elroy6 (or Toucan Sam) and Penny

Toucan Sam and Penny.

Toucan Sam or Elroy6 comic panel

Cyborg and Sphere

Cyborg and Sphere sketches


Blitzen doodles

Random Bar Views



One response to “Borjun’s Tavern Sketches

  1. I love your sketches! Must have been a lot of fun… keep posting stuff, I’m learning from them!


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