Old doodles.

Did some more work on the painting this morning, adding several skin tone glazes.  I was able to add three coats before the brushwork started to rub off the paint from several days ago, forcing me to stop from now.  Hopefully two or three days the glazes will be dry enough to add more glazes on top.

I had forgotten this was why I usually worked on several paintings at once back in college.  With nothing else to do, I pulled out an old painting from several years ago, one not finished but one I had been afraid to touch over the last few years since I didn’t consider myself familiar enough with oils anymore to not mess it up.  I added a few glazes to it and blocked in a good deal of the background and then quit for the day.

Not much point to doing photos of either yet, so here’s a bunch of decade old doodles that have turned up in the process of committing all my old notes to Evernote.

The first is a dwarf head (an early version of Donth)…


The rest are old pencil sketches scribbled at Cafe Trios when I was a freshman…




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