Society of Illustrators sketches.


Been doing a lot of traveling lately…one of the spots I hit for about a week was NYC.   Checked out one of the Society of Illustrators sketch sessions while I was there…it was pretty amazing.

If you’re interested, here’s a writeup the New York Times did on the place.  Honestly, I wasn’t that interested in drawing that night, but forced myself to do it anyway.  The sketch above was my warmup sketches from the minute-long poses.  I don’t like most of the sketches I did…for some reason it took me forever to produce something I was happy with (I do like the last one).  Rarely, if ever, will I scribble over a drawing in a little fit of frustration….apparently I was frustrated a good bit, since I did it more than once on these sketches.





drawing5 This is the one I liked.

Anyways, attended the NYC Dr. Sketchy’s that week as well.  Their new location at the Slipper Room almost seems designed specially for Dr. S.  I REALLY wasn’t in the mood to draw that night either though, so instead I hung in the back and got drunk with the folks helping Molly run it.  They’re having a convention in a few months for folks who run Dr. Sketchy’s, so hopefully I’ll get some drawing done then.  Maybe. 🙂

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