More sketches from the Charcoal Club

I’m still in the white paper section of my pad, and won’t reach the tinted pages for another fifteen drawings or so.  It’s very aggravating, but I refuse to skip perfectly useable paper.  I may switch to using ink for the remaining pages though, since I haven’t done that in a bit.

This was the first one….the angle was awkward.  The bottom of her rib cage, at least from that position, looked a little strange, but it came out alright for the most part.

This was my favorite…I’ve pumped the contrast a little too much, but I’m too lazy to go correct it (the shading was very, very, light).  Her torso is too thick, which you can see if you look at the thickness beneath “her” left arm.  If that back defining line, the one indicated by the little black triangle in the crook of her elbow, was moved over a few milimeters, it would do wonders.  Her head, and specifically her hair, was what I was interested in.  It didn’t come out amazing, but I liked it better than anything else I produced this session.

Charcoal Club was crazy crowded this time around (which is a good thing), but since my dumb ass was about 15 minutes late, it meant I didn’t have much to go with seating wise, basically a chair against the back wall.

Not much to say about these two either.   Nothing amazing, but nothing worth biting your pencils in two and throwing yourself in front of the light rail.

Oh well, maybe next week.

By the way, Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore is this Monday, Oct 13, 7 to 10 at Dionysus.  If you’re having trouble scheduling your drawing and your beer, it’s a good way to get it all out of the way at once.

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