Two old man head doodles.

Just some doodles today.  The first was done sitting at the corner of the bar at the Blarney while listening to a girl and her boyfriend discuss where she was going to find a job, since her interview at a local tattoo parlor the day before hadn’t gone well. 

The second was done at a department meeting…the meeting, which at first looked like it was going to be a lot of bureaucratic red-tape, instead turned into a very emotional discussion of how an employee got killed in a pretty horrific accident.  Three minutes in I shut the pad, no longer in the mood to doodle and figuring it was disrespectful to the poor guy’s memory.


Filed under art, Blarneystone, doodle, draw, Drawing, pencil, sketch

4 responses to “Two old man head doodles.

  1. oldnil

    nice. i miss drawing =(

  2. anotheraaron

    No time like the present….I hadn’t drawn in a decade for the most part. Just get a little pocket blank book, keep a pencil in your pocket, and start doodling when you’re waiting on people in bars, waiting in emergency rooms, sitting at meetings at work….it’s amazing how fast you can fill up that little book. 🙂

  3. I love your sketches. I am just a beginner but I enjoy drawing nude female figures.

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