Bored sketches.

More sketches from life-drawing class.

At this point, I was bored out of my mind.  One, some kid had stolen my seat while I was playing with the snack machine, and two, the model’s next pose was basically his big ol’ butt pointed right at me.

Just really not a lot to draw there.  I suppose I could have, but I just wasn’t excited about doing a giant carefully shaded sketch of a butt.

So I doodled instead.

I stopped halfway through when the model changed poses.  Sometime this weekend I’ll probably go back and finish it and then see how it looks against a Sketchup background or something.  Maybe have the little fellow falling off a barstool.

(The sketch was pretty much doodled for that purpose…and the thought of doing a faerie-bar comic book sometime shortly.  We’ll see.)

This was the last pose…

Now I was really bored……….I think the model was napping too.  When it was time for the break we gave up and left a little early, figuring a pizza and a beer were definitely called for.

Speaking of, unless I get called into work, I’ll probably get some bar patrons sketched this weekend.

Oops, ride is here.


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