Life drawing sketches

Went to Baltimore’s Charcoal Club for the first time last night….very nice comfortable space, a fridge full of beer for a dollar, and a lot of friendly people.

Mondays are their “one long pose” nights……I did the first three sketches from the same position, trying to do a different take and a different style for each one.  They all look like the model, but none of them look similar to eachother.  I sort of saw them as, well, if you stuck a different personality three times into the same body, what each personality’s self-image might look like. 

Keep in mind I was drinking beer.

(Yeah, went a little crazy on the stomach with that one.)

For this last one I got up and moved over a few feet….once I sat down, I realized I hadn’t moved anywhere far enough, but was too lazy to get up.  (Going any further would have meant disturbing other folks anyway.)

I have MICA’s life-drawing class tonight, so I’ll probably have some more work to throw up on Thursday.




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