Art class.

Most of my time the last day or two has been spent on the Dr. Sketchy’s website (which has a new image or two, a better FAQ, and a slightly better layout now), so here’s an old sketch done over a decade ago….it was an idea sketch for a painting that was never done.  (That’s not true…I was just learning how to oil paint and the oil painting came out HORRIBLE.  It would be a year or two until I understood the medium enough to paint people.)

Still, I always liked this sketch.

art class sketch

The actual size of this sketch is something like 2 feet by 3. 



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3 responses to “Art class.

  1. Looks great! I love sketches like this that are rough works in progress, I think they’re often better than highly polished ones!

  2. It does have a nice feel to it.

  3. The lines in the drawing give the sketch a lot of movement. The strong vertical and diagonal lines of the easel keep the eye moving throughout. I like the way you sketch.

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