Drawing dwarves.

Been busy with lots of Dr. Sketchy’s stuff, but here are two doodles of a dwarf I did over a decade ago.  Both were done sitting at a little folding plastiwood dining room table while various other college kids sat around me rolling dice and saying things like, “Would it be possible for me to glue my +1 shaving razor to the handle of my +3 battle axe and turn into a +4?” or “So, if we’re called the Tinker Trading Co., how come we spend most of our time in elven ruins instead of, you know, selling off all these little houses I made out of sea shells?”

In any case, both of these are of my character Donth, who eventually became the basis of the novel I’ve been annoying agents with.  (I’ll sooner or later create a page on here for the query letter and the first chapter or so.)

The first sketch is a bare doodle of Donth swinging an axe while running and the second is of Donth after having been lost in some caverns for 8 months with no light to shave by.


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One response to “Drawing dwarves.

  1. tanaudel

    I really like the second picture – so weighty and serious yet very funny.

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