Wind blowing through hair and another sketch of Old Joe.

It’s been a long weekend.  These were supposed to go up on Monday but God got drunk and tried to take a swing at Maryland.  I ended up getting called into storm at 1:45 in the morning and didn’t get out until late afternoon.

If you’re curious what a storm center looks like during a storm, it’s basically exactly what Hollywood makes it look like.  Picture the bridge of the aircraft carrier in _Hunt for Red October_ when the incoming F-16 is about to crash, or the control room of the damage response folks in _Volcano_ or just about any disaster movie.  Lots of folks running back and forth, people screaming into telephones, “We need a truck over there now!  I mean NOW!!” or “We’ve a fire and arcs reported at 32 Pine La and crews in route.  Fire department is paralyzed till someone gives the all clear.  What’s truck #3’s eta?”

Pretty dramatic…the only difference is food.  You trap 50 to 100 people in one room for 16 hours with no notice and you have to feed them….and if you want them to stay on their toes, there needs to be lots of protein, sugar, and liquids.  Every desk is loaded down with two to three plates of half-eaten breakfasts, pizzas, pulled-pork sandwiches….often stacked up because everything’s too hectic to ever finish a meal, much less throw away the plate it was on.

Just for the record, I’ve rarely been as amazed as I was yesterday by the collective determination of a group of people to get something fixed, regardless of how many holes just got punched in the dike by something cranky.

In any case, I did these two on Friday afternoon while drinking coffee at the Blarney, about 48 hours before I understood the grim humor inherant in the phrase “an unscheduled ignition event.”

wind blowing through a girl's hair

I have some issues with the arch of the back, but most of the point was hair so I decided not to fuss with it too long.

The next is a second sketch of Old Joe.  I did one a few months back….since he seems to be around Fells a lot, I suspect that, give it 6 months, I’ll probably have a couple dozen of these.  If that happens, I’ll put them all together into one post on a slow day.

Old Joe leaning on the bar

For the record, everything is full steam ahead for Dr. Sketchy’s – Baltimore.  The first session will be June 8th, from 1 pm to 4 pm at Dionysus.  We have a model and a backup model lined up, and a whole whopping stack of folks interested in modelling in the future.  We’ll probably go twice a month pretty damn fast.

IF you haven’t already, and you’re hankering to get your draw on, check out the website (there’s a myspace page as well) linked to the right. 

One last note, apparently there’s a bar, the Laughing Pint, in Highland town that hosts a weekly drink and draw session on Saturday nights.  Something else to check out.

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One response to “Wind blowing through hair and another sketch of Old Joe.

  1. gimic300

    These sketches are great. You’re really talented, I’d be envious if I wasn’t busy enjoying your sketches.

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