Some old and new.

Now that all the Dr. Sketchy’s stuff is starting to roll forward, and the website is essentially up, I can finally get back to the stuff over here.  🙂

The first two sketches are at least a decade old – both were done while I was in college.

oil and pencil wash of fat lady

sketch of graveyard fields

The above is a sketch of a bunch of boulders at Graveyard Fields, a camping ground up on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC.   The forest there burned down at one point and moss grew over the stumps, making the thing look like a graveyard at some point in the past (though I don’t think it looks like that anymore.

Next is a bunch of sketches during a Godawful section meeting at work….the first is a diagram of a robot I’m currently building in Anim8or.

animation diagram of a robot

The next two are folks droning on about last quarter’s prediction median’s for next quarters analysis for the previous quarter’s predictions.

pencil sketch of a presenter

another pencil sketch of a presenter

And last, but not least, Mr. Big Nose.

Mr. Big Nose


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