Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore.

dr. sketchy's sketch

Real quick……..Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore is fully greenlit now…expect an update here tomorrow (probably) and the official website to be up as well (it’s already half-built).

We’ve got Molly Crabapple’s permission, a venue (a pretty damn cool one), and even the first model or two lined up.  If you want an idea of a date, think vaguely the beginning of June.

More in twenty-four hours or so…..


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3 responses to “Dr. Sketchy’s in Baltimore.

  1. anotheraaron

    There should be more info shortly…basically waiting on one last ‘t’ to be crossed. The moment it is, the website will go live, it’ll get mentioned here and the myspace pages will appear as well. Couple days after that, flyers and what not will be all over the place.

  2. that’s awesome. i went to one in philly.
    and i have the “coloring book.”

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