Second sketch from Friday

I don’t like this one as much….I had no interest in drawing the face or body, just the hair.  Neither turned out that well.

 white pencil sketch of hair

I’m attempting to use the white pencil to create the effect of spare strands of hair catching the light, like Steven Assael does.

 Julie Seated with Corset, Steven Assael

(I caught it at the Forum gallery  in NYC.)

 I *think* he’s getting the effect with a straight razor………regardless, if I’m going to get the effect with just a white pencil on paper, I need to start drawing larger and using a finer pencil (for the hair work at least).  Not to mention sell my soul to the devil to ever even be CLOSE to that good.

Wow, just looking at those two beside each other is depressing.  Ohs wells….


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