So I threw together a couple sketches to test out Blurb, the website that allows you to put together books, have them published and then shipped to you.  (If you want to see the book, click here.)

If everything works out, I’m going to put together a Blarney photo album / memoir next and get various folks to contribute to it.

I’ll let you know what the book looks like when it shows up….

Oh, and Photobucket removed another drawing….the black and white girl sitting in the rocks below, ie, some 80 year old grandmother, who here-to-now had been unaware of breasts, saw it and had a stroke and died, but not before she reached out one last twitchy finger and did her level-best to send it hurtling from the internet.  Or maybe some mid-30s conservative male virgins surfing the net in search of moral threats to women’s delicate dispositions.

[yawn]  It’s “art” folks, whatever that means, not Pamela Anderson sitting on a sybian. 

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