An aside about Marc Steiner and the Baltimore WYPR station.

This doesn’t have anything to do with sketching or Photoshopping, but I thought I’d mention it for the benefit of anyone living in Baltimore or Maryland.

In the last few weeks, the local public radio station (supported by donations, not tax money) fired it’s only local talk show host, Marc Steiner, with no advance warning for what appears to be personal differences between it’s President, Tony Brandon, and Marc Steiner.

Basically, the show kept reporting on unfavorable actions by various corporate interests in the area, interests that had begun to underwrite the station in order to influence the show’s content. When Steiner refused to modify his content, he was sacked, Brandon citing a drop off in ratings, a drop off that according to several articles in the Sun, doesn’t even exist.

Even if it did, the station is supposed to be supported by donations and donations have been doing very well and are supposedly at their highest ever. Radio programs that focus on the environment, corporate shenanigans, polite debate between differing political viewpoints, art, culture, and what-have-you are generally NOT going to be as popular as talk-shows that talk about titties and farting for three hours straight. That’s why the station subsisted on donations… allowed a venue for a non-hysterical debate of these issues to exist.

In any case, here’s a link to Steiner’s blog which is, at the moment, ground zero for the ruckus. There are links to multiple articles in the Sun, the Citypaper, the Examiner, and others.

Steiner didn’t just talk about whatever the issue of the hour was, he and his staff made sure to have the smartest, well-spoken representatives of both sides of the debate present, be they conservative or liberal, pro or anti- global warming/abortion/gay marriage etc.

It was nice to hear a reasoned debate for two hours every day that didn’t involve yelling, slurs, and talking points.

In any case, if you’re local, you might want to go take a look and see what’s going on.


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