Do you need a hardback book of your work?

No pictures today, just a couple random “look at this, it’s neat!” things.

First off, if you want a hardback, full-color book of your artwork or photography, FOR TWENTY BUCKS (or so), click this article in the Lines and Colors blog.

It’s simply AMAZING.

You go on their website, use their online website, upload your images for each page, swipe your credit card, and they send you a hardback, professionally printed book of your work.  If you want more than one, you get discounts for quantity.  (The company is called “Blurb.”)

Hell, the 7 inch by 7 inch hardback of 40 pages is only $12.  I’m going to try this with 40 of my favorite sketches, try it, and let you know how it looks.  (The fellow at Lines and Colors always knows what he’s talking about though.)

And no, this not a paid for review.  Hell, as far as I know, the damn thing is a terrorist scam to fund urban guerilla pot farms or something.

Two, check out this blog On Painting by Bill Jones and Lisa Towers.  I stumbled upon it yesterday while tracing a comment and it’s absolutely amazing.  One, the posts are often funny as hell, two, both of them are really, really, really good.

So good that I went crazy last night and finished finally putting the studio into “ready to paint” mode and have absolutely no plans tomorrow except “get over hangover” and “paint all day.”


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2 responses to “Do you need a hardback book of your work?

  1. Thanks for the link. I should clarify that the hardback 8×10 is $30, the soft cover 8×10 is $20. The 7×7 softback is $13, the 7×7 hardback is $23. Here’s their price page:

  2. art

    There are some pretty neat things here. I love all of the great art presented.

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