A gate to Faerie.

This was painted when I was in college. It’s HUGE. Seven feet tall? Eight? It’s stored in my parents’ basement at the moment….I’ve spent the last couple of days dragging the things out, dusting them off, and taking pictures to preserve them before a rabid doormouse eats a hole through them or the creek at the bottom of my folks’ hill rises 120 feet during the night and washes them out the garage door.

A gate to Faerie

I don’t really I have any belief in magic, but I thought it’d be interesting to create an oil painting that, if magic DID exist, would be about as close as you could literally get to creating a cursed gate to Faerie. The paints were blessed by Wiccan witches, as were the brushes and the piece of wood. The text is various Faerie summoning spells recorded in the Vatican’s archives, and the runes have some sort of similar use as well.

Unfortunately, no interdimensional rifts ever resulted that I can remember, though I do remember the painting tending to deeply disturb anyone who was tripping. Then again, so does meatloaf.


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