A very scary vase.

For some reason, I became fascinated with painting vases while I was in college.  There’s a fair number of paintings that have one in them.

Actually, come to think of it, I know exactly why.  Professor Zaborowski(sp) took me once to see one of his friend’s (visiting professor’s?) studios…..when I walked in the door, I was seeing the fellow’s painting at a somewhat extreme angle….it was all black.  The two of them asked me what I thought and I made one of those answers that are of the sort, “Uhhh….it’s great……I, uh, like what you did with the, ummmm…..”

Zaborowski then told me to walk away from the door….I did, and suddenly the painting shifted into something else entirely.  It was a gigantic vase, emblazoned with an incredibly intricate mathematical pattern, painted in hundreds of shades of black.  It honestly might be the most astonishing painting I’ve ever seen in person.  After that, vases started creeping into everything I did.

painting of Stephanie and a vase

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