Posting info.

Yep, yep, yep, I know.  I KNOW.  The last few days as been an absolute hell of Christmas parties, work Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, bar Christmas parties (that take out two days at a time), and mad housework.

I have nothing (well, almost) to do this evening though, so I’m going to scan and put up a bunch of stuff…..some new, some not, and set the “automatic poster” to post a piece of it every day through the holidays, just in case my schedule  continues to get worse (which it will, at least until the day after Christmas).

In any case, I’ll do an extensive post this evening, along with some other stuff….


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4 responses to “Posting info.

  1. LiAhWhinc

    Hello. It is test.

  2. anotheraaron

    This is a test response to your test.

  3. Hi, i’m schoooler

    I’m new to the forum and just saying hello.

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