Monster crawdad!

Over the last few weeks (months?) someone has been tagging the Mt. Vernon area in Baltimore with a side view, silhouette of what looks like some sort of weird crawdad.  There’s one on the pavement in front of Red Emma’s and a second one in an alley about a block away.  I have no idea what it means, but it was the germ of the idea for the second page in the new sketchbook.  (Knowing my luck, it’s the emblem of some racist, post-apocalyptic, guerilla army determined to wipe out all falafel stands on the east coast.  (It’s probably the work of someone in a print class at MICA.))

big crawdad sketch

With a little Photoshop….

big Photoshopped crawdad sketch

If I remember, I’ll nab a photo of the tag and tack it onto this post tomorrow before it goes live.

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