Shopping and a bird in a trenchcoat.

Went shopping today and got a new backpack….the old one has a decade of memories attached to it, but it also has a decade of holes in the bottom that tend to drop things all over the place.

So I got an official “artist’s backpack.”  I’m not sure what that means, but it has a bazillion pockets.

art backpack

That flap folds back even further….you could literally find a slot for every single art thingamajing you own….I’m going to start painting in oils again soon….I could literally store everything I use in there.  (It was only 30 bucks too.)

I’m off work today and coffee shop surfing, but here’s an old sketch.  The bird is a character from the previously mentioned Borjun’s Tavern.

bird in a trenchcoat in pencil

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