Samurai -> winter tree -> spring tree.

This started as a samurai….for some reason this blog gets an absurd number of hits from folks searching on the term (and Natty Bo).  So I figured, hell, why don’t I do a sketch of a samurai drinking a Natty Bo……..I got as far as the head, got bored, and decided to draw tree branches instead.

About halfway through, I remembered why folks rarely draw tree branches (versus paint them).  Unless you backlight them, you have to plan meticulously for each overlap – either that, or liberally use the eraser over and over and over again, which I was in no mood to do.

When you paint tree branches, you just paint the ones in back first, let the paint dry, the paint the next layer, let those dry, paint the next, and so on until you’re done.  Drawing them in pencil though can take forever.

So then Spring bloomed.

pencil sketch of tree in spring



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2 responses to “Samurai -> winter tree -> spring tree.

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  2. amanda

    nice…very,whats the word, um…it makes me want to daydream

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