Victor Van Polesti’s Marvelous Adventuring Engine

Another post pulled from the old sketchbooks this time….a tinker gnome drawn in college for a Forgotten Realms campaign DM-ed by an old friend.  Sadly, the DM was wary of Tinker Gnomes (for good reason) and suspected the havok I totally and completely intended to create with one.

(For the record, Tinker Gnomes are gnomes from the Dragonlance books that like to build contraptions that, without fail, always fail in dramatically dangerous ways.)

So I was sent back to the drawing board, and ended up coming back with a dwarf who was nearly as insane.  (Whose sketches will end up around here sooner or later.)

(The campaign is still going from what I understand, which is pretty damn impressive.)

A Tinker Gnome from the Dragonlance setting.

(Oh, and I’ve Photoshopped the hell out the doodle, if it’s not obvious.)

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