Woman with a gun.

Way back in high school, probably at least 15 years ago now, a group of friends and I created a cooperative story via a BBS I ran out of my house.  Three-fourths silly and one-fourth serious (kinda like a Pratchett book), the story followed the travels of an “interdimensional tavern” that hopped from one universe to the next.  The patrons were a hodge-podge of characters from all over…..Alice in Wonderland, Oz, Star Trek, Warner Brothers cartoons, or wherever.

Each writer was allowed to write only the characters they added or the plotlines they created….for whatever reason, this gave the story legs (versus those stories you would write in English class where each student would add one sentence).    Off and on, the story continued for over a decade.

The sketch below, done halfway through college, is of one of the characters I created, Trix, a punk girl who ended up becoming a substitute bartender for several years after the bar’s owner, Borjun, was eaten by a grizzly bear.

If I remember correctly, this sketch was supposedly set during the Tavern’s Valentine’s Formal, which unsurprisingly turned into a large gun battle about halfway through.  (I’ve obviously touched it up with Photoshop.)

There are pads and pads of these sketches, so this probably won’t be the last one to go up.  (I’ll probably add a tab at the top of the page and collect all the Tavern related art together when it starts to pile up.  Hell, I have the majority of Tavern story sitting around somewhere–maybe it’ll grow into a Tavern web page.)

Trix shooting at Elroy6666

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