Sketch of a girl sitting on rocks.

I sketched this while sitting at Red Emma’s yesterday.  The man sitting at the table beside me was telling the guy selling coffee that you could protect yourself from spy satellites by wrapping a length of copper wire around a quartz crystal and carrying it in your pocket.

It had to be REAL copper wire though.  This was very, very important.

pencil sketch of nude girl sitting on rocks


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2 responses to “Sketch of a girl sitting on rocks.

  1. Nice sketch. What’s Red Emma’s? coffee shop?
    Are you running out for your lenght of copper yet? 😉

  2. anotheraaron

    Yep, it’s a little co-op coffee shop / bookstore in Baltimore. There’s a link to their site somewhere in the sidebar.

    I forgot to ask him how much copper wire is necessary. One loop? 30? Fill my pockets? Should the wire be stripped?

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