Got distracted yesterday.

Went to the bar to play pool last night and one thing led to another….between convincing a fellow patron that she had streaked the bar naked two weeks ago when she blacked out (she didn’t), talking shop with the make-up lady of a local strip club (apparently they make around $1000 a week doing that), and a fantastically bad game of pool (don’t play pool drunk kids, folks get hurt), no sketching got done.

So here’s an old comic strip (inspired by some tv commercial) that I did about six months ago.

t-rex trying to have a beer

BTW, that’s the early stage of the bar I’ve been building in Google Sketchup for about a year now. If you notice the bar taps don’t exist yet (which I built myself) and most of the walls are pretty sparse.

I basically used a restaurant model from the warehouse as my starting point and learned how to use sketchup by tearing it up and modifying it into something that would be useable for backgrounds in various drawings.

If I remember, I’ll do a post showing the various stages of the bar’s growth.


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