Plaza de Mayor *Update 3*

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m posting late today.  I’m posting old journal entries from 1998 again, since I spent the weekend doing the Baltimore Book Festival and getting drinks from friends.

I’m going to coffee this afternoon to draw, so there should be “new” drawings on Wednesday.  (The journal post I’m going to put up is a two-pager, so I’ll put the first page up today and the second tomorrow.)

In any case, this was drawn in the Plaza de Mayor in Madrid, in 1998.

plaza de mayor, madrid, spain, sketch

The sketch portion is a combination of pencil and ink.

(Apparently you can only post images under a certain length on wordpress….I recropped the image so it wasn’t cut off.)



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2 responses to “Plaza de Mayor *Update 3*

  1. I like the global feeling of a very detailed and crowded page. Very nice sketch!

  2. anotheraaron

    I’ll post one of the journal’s later pages at some point…I started crowding the pages more and more, shrinking the writing to the point that you honestly needed a magnifying glass to see it.

    (The book above is faintly smaller than a typical hardback book you would find in a bookstore.)

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