First Post, or why I’m a freaking idiot.

I used to, about a decade ago, draw, oil paint, write journals, and write fiction constantly…pretty much every day. At some point, probably foolishly, I decided that I would never get anything done if I kept splitting my time between all four.

Two hours a day writing in my journal, an hour writing fiction, and about three drawing or painting.

Writing fiction was the cheapest, so I picked it. For the next decade I stopped (for the most part) drawing, painting, or writing in my journals. I figured, “Oh, I’ll bust out a novel in a year and get back to everything else.”

Ten years later, I finished the book, which I’m in the last stages of editing and are currently marketing around.

A couple weeks ago, sitting in a bar, I tried to draw some old man trying to figure out the Megatouch machine. It looked like a three-year-old spit a mouthful of crayons at a wall. Whatever ability I did have was gone.

So I’m going to do a drawing every weekday and post it here, hoping it comes back.

Obviously, shit is going to come up. Hangovers, snow storms, “screw-this-crap,-I-hate-the-intertubes” days, whatever. So I’m going to try to have 5 posts in the can at all times, configured to post every day at 8 am, EST. Most of the time they’ll be drawings, but occasionally they’ll be random stories from the bar.

Yes, I know that makes absolutely no sense.

Anyways, this is a drawing I did around 1994…

Girl with staff.

The next is a drawing I did a few days ago, sitting in a local coffee shop…

stupid drawing

The rocks in the banner above are from the mid 90’s as well.


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